GIA | Gas Industries Association


For the industry in India:

  • To promote safety, health, security and environmental awareness in industrial (including specialty gases) and medical gases industry
  • To promote the safe use and handling of industrial and medical gases by members of this Society, their customers, and the public by providing leadership for and coordinating the development of information and standards by appropriate bodies throughout the world
  • To provide standards, information and recommendations based on international codes to national organisation/ associations as well as Government/ Governmental agencies for their use and guidance in the drafting of laws and regulations that will be both practical and effective
  • To promote harmonization in technical, environmental and safety related standards and practices within the industrial and medical gas industry
  • To review industrial accidents and identify their causes for the purpose of providing guidance on preventing their recurrence and to the extent possible, minimizing and mitigating their consequences
  • To promote an effective and efficient response to and mutual assistance during emergencies involving industrial and medical gases in transit and at customer sites.